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TGW Holdings Ltd

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Wolstenholme Machine Knives manufactures industrial machine knives. We have built a quality and service tradition in the industrial machine knife industry that dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. Our legacy has existed in Sheffield for over 100 years, and our brand is synonymous with what Sheffield means within the knife industry. We boast a local factory that is designed to meet the dynamic timing and quality needs of our customers globally through TGW Global in Europe and TGW International in North America. Our 100-plus years of industry experience brings a unique understanding of machine knife precision, composition and finish necessary to provide our customers maximum performance.

“We’re proud for our company to be a part of the Sheffield business community, and prouder still of the position we hold within the machine knife industry that is such a part of Sheffield’s rich history. Made in Sheffield still means a great deal in our business, and it is part of what helps to set us apart from our global competitors!”