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Powerstar is a leading provider of sophisticated energy solutions that help businesses manage their electricity use, reduce costs, minimise carbon emissions, implement net zero initiatives, protect operations from power disruptions, and more.
Its innovative technologies are designed, manufactured, and delivered from its head office and manufacturing facility in Sheffield. With over 20 years of experience, Powerstar’s expertise means bespoke solutions are delivered to meet the customers’ exact needs.
Heavily investing in research and development means Powerstar’s core technologies, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), battery energy storage, voltage regulation, and transformers, are uniquely positioned to provide clients with the benefits of Resilience+, the ability to efficiently protect an entire site from power disruption while also supporting multiple additional applications. This is also supported through Powerstar’s various software technologies such as microgrid control, digital twinning, and simulation and modelling capabilities.
Under the Resilience+ offering, Powerstar supports the following applications:

• Power resilience,
• EV charging
• On-site generation
• Net zero
• Smart microgrids
• Energy efficiency
• Reducing energy bills
• Solving grid constraints
• Generating revenue

For more information about the company, its technologies, or the applications it supports, visit the Powerstar website