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GB Eye Ltd

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GB Eye Ltd has been a Sheffield Company since it's commencement in 1986 manufacturing picture and poster frames. All of our framed product are produced at our Sheffield site, nothing is brought in from abroad.

We have the trading name 'GB Eye' Frames trade marked to protect our brand and believe that the made in Sheffield will further strengthen this when competing against counterfeit or substandard imported goods.

The Company also sells framed photographic licensed prints which are also produced in our own facility in Sheffield as we have 2 full chemistry lab printers.

All raw materials are sourced from UK supply chains, with raw materials generally not travelling from further than Europe. We employ local people and many of our staff are long time served members of our production and wider team. We are known within our market for the quality of our product and the ability of our staff. The finish of our product is second to none against it's competitors.