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FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics Ltd

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FourJaw is the worlds first truly plug-and-play CNC machine monitoring platform that works for any machine of any type or brand, in any factory. FourJaw is powered by MachineLink, an industrial IOT edge computer that enables manufacturers to connect their CNC machines to a productivity boosting machine monitoring platform in a matter of minutes. All MachineLink needs is power, WiFi and access to two power cables that feed the machine.
No more visits to the factory to undertake disruptive and time- consuming on-premise installations. No more high up-front costs, resulting in a long return on investment. Instead, immediate access to secure, business critical data on a tablet that enables operators and management to ‘see’ for the first time the machine utilisation on the shop floor. MachineLink is designed to be inexpensive and easy to install, resulting in rapid ROI and continuous productivity gains, empowering firms to better compete on the global stage.

“Plug the FourJaw system in and you will get direct, recognisable benefits today rather than pie in the sky promises” Charles Turner MD Durham Duplex