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Ceramisys Ltd

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Ceramisys Ltd manufacture and supply synthetic bone graft substitutes and regenerative biomaterials worlwide.

Products include:

ReproBone: synthetic resorbable bone graft substitute (a porous regenerative syntetic bone graft) for ortho/trauma/spine and dental applications.

ReproBone novo: synthetic resorbable bone graft nano- particulate paste, uses as above but in paste form

ReproBone fusion: granulated bone graft paste, as above doped with granules

Orbital Implants: porous orbital implants (eyeball implants)

Products above manufactured by Ceramisys are all in the most stringent class of CE Marked implantable products so quality is key and Ceramisys is certified to ISO 13485:2012, (FM 97418) as well as other full quality assurance certificates from BSI.(CE 69489) The products individually also have CE Design Examination certificates from BSI and are approved in many other countries including EU, USA Australia, Canada Brazil, Russia and many others.