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B17 Steam Locomotive Trust

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The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust - 61673 ‘Spirit of Sandringham’

The Trust is manufacturing a B17 steam locomotive to meet the requirements of the Office of Road and Rail, passing stringent safety guidelines set by the independent Certification Body and capable of working on the U.K. Mainline and Heritage railway networks.

Construction, based in Sheffield at CTL Seal Ltd, another holder of the Made in Sheffield mark, has the advantage of having major component suppliers based locally. Engineering students at Sheffield University are providing potential solutions to improve the original design, invaluable for operation on the modern railway. In return, we mentor them for their annual I.Mech.Eng. Railway Challenge entry.

References Professor David Fletcher (Professor of Railway Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sheffield University) “The work the students have done with the B17 Locomotive Trust made an excellent real-world design project for the students. I saw the work they had generated and got time to talk with them on the assessment day. It was clear they'd gained a lot from the work and developed good engineering knowledge through the process. They will be in their 4th year of study next year so it would be excellent to be able to tell them their design work is becoming a reality”. “Over the last two years the input you've been able to give to the students has been really valuable. Especially this has helped bring their engineering study to life during the COVID period when lab access and group work has been especially difficult”. Trevor Stevenson: Executive Director - Industrial Products William Cook Cast products "We are delighted to have been involved in the B17 project over the past few years and, as holders ourselves of the prestigious “Made in Sheffield” mark we take great pride in seeing just how much of the work in recreating this locomotive is taking place in our fantastic city. We wish you continued success on the project and very much look forward to seeing the finished article in the coming years. "