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Benefits of Licencing

“Made in Sheffield is a brand associated with quality, one of the few city trademarks widely recognised throughout the world”
Chris Rea, AESSeal

“Sheffield is at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing and technology in the UK and I’m proud the Coalition is helping to ensure that Made in Sheffield will be a sign of quality that will be recognised throughout the world for years to come.”
Nick Clegg MP – Former Deputy Prime Minister

  • Made in Sheffield is a unique brand and the Mark clearly identifies products manufactured within a distinct geographical location associated with quality products for many centuries.
  • Sheffield is the only City in UK whose name is protected .  This because of its global reputation for quality and the selling power of its name.
  • Made in Sheffield is a private sector lead initiative because Sheffield manufacturers care about their globally recognised Brand.
  • Made in Sheffield is exclusively for manufacturers in the Sheffield City Region and  focuses exclusively on promoting Sheffield City Region and its Manufacturing Companies.

“In cutlers iron work we have in Sheffield the best of its kind done by English hands unsurpassable, when the workman chooses to do all he knows, by that of any living nation”
John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)

“Quite Simply Sheffield Sells”
The Master Cutler, the Voice for Manufacturing in the Region

“Made in Sheffield is too important to entrust to anyone other than those that use it daily to underpin their international sales.  So use it or lose it.”
Charles Turner, Chairman of the MiS Mark Steering Committee.  

Another benefit for Made in Sheffield Licence Holders!

Made in Sheffield have selected Sheffield’s long established insurance broker ECS to arrange exclusive and enhanced insurance and risk management products for its licence holders. Download the PDF for further details.