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About Sheffield

Sheffield is unique. It is the original “Steel City”. Its influence can be felt globally and even though there are 17 others towns and villages called Sheffield scattered around the world “Made in Sheffield” only refers to products from the Sheffeild with the accolade as England’s greenest City, on the doorstep of the Peak District and which has more trees per person than any other City in Europe.

Not only is Sheffield the 4th biggest city in England but also the only UK city with a National Park within its boundary and as well as its reputation for steel and manufacturing it has also developed a reputation as the number one destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It is one of the UK’s most fascinating cities from a cultural perspective, with an array of museums, galleries and theatres, and hosts world renowned arts festivals, has the world famous Crucible Theatre, has produced many of the nation’s most celebrated musicians and is home to some truly inspiring architecture.

Sheffield is a city of great opportunity, no matter if you live here, work here or invest here. People and businesses achieve. Throughout its history, Sheffield and its people have been recognised as inventive, hardworking and entrepreneurial. It is a city that prides itself on getting on with things, quietly but effectively, irrespective of the challenges faced.

It’s this approach that is helping us to attract and retain new investors, graduates, entrepreneurs and multinationals as well as to develop our own locally grown world beating Companies. With 2 world class research Universities, a Hospital with a global reputation for its research, and the largest College in Europe Sheffield is well placed for the 21st Century. With over 35% of the 15,000 Gradutaes from the Universities remaining in the city every year it is also long on skills. With an average travel to work time of only 23 minutes it also offers a fantastic quality of life with over half of the City’s population living within 15 minutes of open countryside and even closer to the city’s 150 woodlands and 50 public parks.

Sheffield is the heartbeat of UK manufacturing and remains home to many of the world’s most innovative engineering organisations. With both universities strong in engineering, the Advanced Manufacturing Park being home to the AMRC and NAMRC and an unrivalled heritage in the steel industry, it is little wonder that Sheffield remains a vital player in the world of manufacturing and is the choice for global names like Boeing, Tata and Rolls-Royce, who benefit from the city’s credentials in advanced and modern manufacturing.

The digital and new media industries in the Sheffield City Region are also growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the UK in terms of specialist companies and new jobs. Quite simply, Sheffield is an incubator for the digital industries. It is a city packed full of intelligent minds, exciting ideas and successful new businesses.

There’s no doubt about it: Sheffield is a great place to be at the moment. From the recent regeneration of the city centre to the vibrancy of the arts scene and the strength of our local economy, everything seems to be on the up. It is a truly a Jewel set in a stunning crown of green.